Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Silent Movie Night!

I LOVE Silent Movie Night in Balboa Park! It's a fun Summer activity and it's definitely a different type of movie-watching experience!
Tonight, we watched, Hot Water, from 1924!!  It was good! I loved it! It just made me think of how simple movies use to be....yet they were very entertaining.  I also love the fact that the organist played during the entire 59 minutes of the movie!!  What an awesome talent!!  It was such a fun night!  And I'm so glad that so many ward friends (& family) were able to make it!  It made the night much more fun!

I love any chance I get to hang out with my wonderful friend, PajamaPants!  He can make me laugh like no other!  I'm so blessed that we're still friends! I love him dearly!

Glad my niece and sister were able to experience the thrill of "Silent Movie Night" in Balboa Park! 

My new friend, WiseGuy came and I got him to do a Shake Face photo! Oh man, those are my favorite pics! WiseGuy's a fun guy.  We were playing "Where's My Perry" on his phone, while we waited for movie to start.  I felt like we were 10 year old kids just hangin out, without the awkward sexual tension.  I love it when a guy & girl can just be friends.  He's pretty cool!

All in all, it was fun! I made [Hawaiian] Chicken Long Rice and shared it with some of my friends (those who didn't bring something to eat).  Can I just say, I love cooking for others! I'm glad they all liked it!

Next up....
Lunch with Mr.Red tomorrow.  G'nite. 

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