Thursday, March 21, 2013

Happy {early} Birthday Ame!

Dear Ame!
I read your blog this morning, and thought I'd dedicate a blog to you.  
I just wanted to tell you, as well as the rest of the world {or at least those that read my blog}, how truly grateful I am for you.  You've been exactly the friend I needed to have at church, to help me feel more comfortable and at ease in a new ward, 18 months ago.  I've thanked Heavenly Father for placing you in my life.  Heaven knows I would have taken off a long time ago and attended a different ward, if I didn't have you to sit with.  
I remember the first time we really started talking.  It was at the 2011 Christmas party, when I showed up late and the only place to sit was at a table with you and Norma.  I surely appreciated your thoughtfulness of not speaking in Spanish, like the majority of the table, that night.  I remember how down you were with coming with me to the top of the Hyatt, since it was one of my goals, that month.  I thought, "Wow, I don't know this chick, but she's pretty cool if she's more than willing to come with!"  I knew then, that that would be the start of a cool friendship.  
I'm grateful for the times we've spent together...talking...sitting in church classes....organizing FHE stuff.....just those friendship type of activities that help bring two friends closer.  I enjoy our texts and emails about life, guys  & frustrations.  I value the trust you have in me.  Not many friends give me a key to their place.  Your empathy towards my family life has been tremendously meaningful.  I love you dearly, my dear kind friend.  I, for one, am especially grateful for your birthday...because my life has been enriched by your birth...your being and most especially, YOU!  Happy {early} birthday!


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Anonymous said...

SEe how can I be down about getting older when I have beautiful caring friends like you to do such sweet thoughful gestures. I can't imagine celebrating my birthday without you and Levi there. You two are incredibly awesome. I know how important he is to you and because you are important to me it is important to me that he feels welcomed.Besides we need to make sure he can handle all my craziness that influences you or i mean the other way around.

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