Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy 12th Novee!!

This past Wednesday was my niece's 12th birthday! I can't believe she's already 12 now! I remember it, like yesterday when she was still in her Mama tummy tum tum.  Time surely flies!  

I just wanted to share my top 12 reasons of why this little girl is so special to me!

1. She is generous, kind and quick to share.
2. She always includes me in her immediate family.
3. She is sensitive and very tender hearted. 
4. She is a tough lil cookie! She can put up with her brothers' teasing. 
5. She makes friends very easily, and is a true and dedicated friend to all.

6. She is beautiful, but still enjoys getting a little dirty with the rough and tumble of childhood.
7. She gives sweet & sincere compliments that make a grey day better.
8. This girl likes to rock out, dances and sings along to Bob Marley, The Beatles & One Direction.
9. She has her own personal style and pulls it off with such flare! 
10. She knows the importance of a "ladies day!" and time to reconnect to female loved ones.
11. She loves her family VERY much and shows them.
12. She's excited to attend the temple now that she's turned 12. 

There's many more reasons of why I love my niece so much.  I hope to someday have a daughter as kind, beautiful and smart as my little Novee.  My life has been enriched by having her in my family and heart. 

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