Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My constant battle with Words with Friends.

I totally enjoy playing Words with Friends. However, I have a constant battle in my mind as to what are real words and which ones aren't....

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Ehu: "YORGE" is a word.
Rationalizing Ehu: Wait, maybe it isn't....
Words with Friends: Sorry, YORGE is not an acceptable word.
Rationalizing Ehu: DANGIT!! That would have been 18 points!
Ehu: How about "YERVE"? I'm sure "YERVE" is a word!  
Rationalizing Ehu: When would I have ever used the word "YERVE" in sentence?! That would be 22 points!! 
WwF: Sorry, "YERVE" is not an acceptable word.
Ehu: Ok, how about...."YOURE".
WwF: Sorry, "YOURE" is not an acceptable word.
Rationalizing Ehu: "How is that not a word?!?!? It is a word! Oh wait, I need an apostrophe" Damnit.
Ehu: Or, YOUGE?
WwF: Sorry, YOUGE is not an acceptable word.
Ehu: {Hits "Shuffle" several times, with the hopes of a 5 letter word, using the letters G and V, pops up} Ok, how about "YERGE". 
Rationalizing Ehu: I'm sure I've heard someone, at one point in my life use the word "YERGE"...as in, "Put the Yerges out!" Dang, I really wish I had an S as well, I'd score 20 points! Sweet!!
WwF: Sorry, YERGE is not an acceptable word.
Ehu: Daaaaaamnit!!!!!! That's Yorkie....UGH! Wrong word.  I wish I had a K now....oh the possibilities!
Rationalizing Ehu: What Y letter word even uses G & V in it?!?!?! That would be a whole lot of points!!!!
{Ten minutes pass...frustration & desperation set in}
Ehu: (plays YOUR).
WwF: Ehu played YOUR for 7 points.
Ehu: Dang....well at least U was worth 2 points, that's something.

This is the constant battle I have in my mind as I try to play words.  I wonder if anyone else goes through this when trying to score the most points.  It's fun....but sometimes a lil frustrating! Ok, I've gotta go, I have 12 games waiting for me.

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