Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Life Lesson: Prayer & Desire.

Yesterday (Monday), I wanted something pretty badly. I pondered heavily about it all weekend, and prayed about it too. I felt pretty peaceful after my prayers and thought that this good thing would be mine. This was a big step, which would require some discomfort on my end, but I was willing to endure it.
When I received the disappointing news, I was bummed, which only grew deeper. I started to get mad at God. I didn't understand the peace that followed my prayers. Didn't He know the longing in my heart and the desire in my soul? Why didn't this good thing become mine? I was so mad with Him. Why God, why? 
But then this quote from Elder Richard G.  Scott came to mind:

How foolish of me to get mad at God! Am I an idiot?! What am I going to do when there's something bigger & better that I want and desire and I don't get it? I can't always get mad at God. Perhaps it wasn't in His plans for me to change job positions, at this time. I know He knows what's best for my life. I just need to have more faith in Him and do the work necessary for the blessings I desire. I need to more fully trust in His plan. I can't believe I got mad at God. What was I thinking?! 
I'm grateful to have a loving Heavenly Father who knows my heart and my remorse. Man, does someone have a lot more praying to do! 

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