Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Mama Stephy!

Tonight, I got to talk to one of my most dearest friends.  Oh how I love Mama Stephy!  It's not often when we get to talk on the phone because she has three youngins and there's about a 3 hour difference between us.  
However, when we do get to talk it's just so spectacular! I love laughing with her. I love the wit and wisdom she brings to our friendship.  Tonight's conversation turned to children and babies.  It was such a beautiful conversation about what delivery is like and the love that floods a delivery room.   It makes me so excited for motherhood, someday.  I definitely need to write this conversation in my journal tonight.
Although we haven't seen each other in more than 7 years, it doesn't feel like our friendship has changed or drifted apart.  I'm so grateful to still have her in my life. I couldn't be more thankful for a loving Heavenly Father to bring her into my life over 13 years ago.  

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