Sunday, January 31, 2016

Selfie Challenge: Eight Fears.

I was so dog tired last night and didn't get a chance to post. Bummer. So here it is a day late...
I couldn't help but laugh and want to take a photo of this moment. We were both squeezed onto our couch. I told Levi that I felt like one of those mountain climbers who fall asleep on a small platform on the edge of a cliff, while locked into their climbing ropes and his arms were those ropes. I just wanted to laugh the entire time. 
His arms are the ropes that bring a reassurance of safety to my life but allow me to climb freely. I love him for that. 

1. I HATE Japanese/June Beetles. And because I hate them so much I fear them getting near me.
2. Levi passing away before we grow old.
3. Not being able to get pregnant.
4. My Dad passing away before I have a baby.
5. Dying in a horrific way.
6. Losing one of my nephews or nieces. 
7. My Meniere's Disease getting worse.
8. Not being a good parent.

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