Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Two Challenges in One!

SELFIE CHALLENGE: DAY 1:: One of my good friends nominated me for the ten day Selfie Challenge. TEN WHOLE DAYS!?! Dude, that's a lot of photos of me...I'm pretty sure several friends will get tired of my face. I'd totally understand. I'd get tired of taking my picture and posting it to Facebook, so I plan on spreading the wealth. Today starts day 1 of 10.
I'm just chilling at home while Levi is at school. I'm a little tired tonight and oh so cold! It's 8:55pm and I'm definitely ready for bed. Several colleagues are sick and I HOPE I'm not in line to catch whatever is making the rounds at the firm. 
By the way, I love my hair here in this photo. 

1. Sometimes I hog the covers on purpose cause it's freezing in the morning and Levi doesn't get as cold as I do. I only bring this up because someone was grumpy that someone else was really warm this morning. Oops.
2. I cuss in bad traffic.
3. I'm shy and would rather keep to myself 80% of the time. I don't like talking sometimes.
4. I hate small talk. Let's just be real and say what we want to say and ask.
5. I would love to buzz my head again. I get tired of doing my hair. I like my face a lot more without all my big curly hair overshadowing it.
6. I almost cancelled my first date with my husband because I was EXTREMELY nervous!! My heart never beat as fast as it did while waiting for him to arrive. My stomach was filled to the brim with butterflies!! I kept asking him if he was nervous when we talked on his way to pick me up. He wasn't at all, which made me more nervous and calm at the same time. 
7. I wish I had at least one friend in my ward (church congregation). This makes it so hard to attend church. Sometimes I go just so I can sing the hymns. That's my favorite part of church and has kept me active, at times.
8. Sometimes I wonder what kind of drunk I would be. I've never had an alcoholic beverage, don't plan on it either. I just wonder if I'd be a funny drunk. Levi likes to impersonate me as an emotional drunk. I feel like he'd be right.
9. I don't think I voted in 2012.
10. I scare easily!! Seriously, I jump when Levi comes into the kitchen, it's ridiculous! He's not even trying to scare me too! But I love to scare people.

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