Monday, December 31, 2012


*My youngest nephew, Kalanster, and his band performed at the House of Blues last night.  I was so proud of him.  I know he had a good time and they've come a long way.  Good for them!   

*Tonight's New Years Eve and my family & Levi are going out to dinner.  We're going to an ol' family fave.  It's pretty good Chinese food, but nothing like my beloved Wing Wah.

*Last night, on the way to Kalanster's gig, Levi & I were caught in the rain.  We were trying to locate Nicky Rottens, but ended up going to Panda Inn because of the rain AND it was A LOT closer.  I wouldn't have minded walking to find it, but barely getting over a cold and walking in the rain, doesn't make for a good combination.  I REALLY like Panda Inn.  Just walking in made me remember our Halloween date, when we ate there in our panda costumes.  Oh such a splendid evening, which makes me like Panda Inn more!  Besides, the food is SO good!! 

*I'm not gonna lie, I'm pretty ecstatic to finally have my first NYE kiss at midnight.  It only took 32 years, but I'm excited.  

*Joz, my friend and previous Relief Society counselor-turned RS President, got her mission call to Florida.  I'm so excited for her.  I know that she will be a wonderful and uplifting missionary!! I will miss her greatly! 

*We went to watch Les Miserables.  I was a lil hesitant to see it because I had dreamed of finishing the book beforehand, but if its taken me a year and a half to try, I guess it would just be better to watch it.  Oh man, I wanted to cry.  Everything that Mr. Red had told me about it was true, it was beautiful...captivating and marvelous.  I loved it.  I wish there was more on the priest, because I loved reading about him, but Jean Valjean was magnificent.  I loved him.  All the songs make more sense and mean more now that I know the stories behind the songs.   I think the song I love the most is "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables".  When Marius sings it, you can just feel the loss and hurt in his voice--or maybe I can hear it more in the musical soundtrack.  I love that song, but I also love "Bring Him Home"!  So beautiful.  All in all, such a beautiful soundtrack! LOVE IT!!!!  I can't wait to finish the book now because I know there's so much to the story than what we saw in the movie.  

*Watching Les Mis made me miss Mr. Red.  I haven't seen him since my birthday and soon enough he'll be moving.  I miss our talks.  I miss hearing his enthusiasm for Les Mis.  Since Bugs has been extremely busy and I haven't seen her since summer, he's been the closest thing to a best friend.  I just miss having someone I can talk to about everything and anything, and knows my heart w/o any explanation.  I wish I knew what was going with Bugs.  Kinda sucks.  

*I'm excited for the new year.  I'm excited for a fresh start.  I've been thinking about a word/motto that I can focus on, for 2013.  There's some changes in my life that I need to make, things to improve and enrich my life.  I'm still deciding on my 'focus word', but whatever it is, I know it'll help better my {daily} life.  I'm optimistic on the good that this new year will bring.  

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