Thursday, December 13, 2012

The best part of coming home...

All I wanted for the entire week I was in Seattle, was to be home with Levi.  It was closing in on a month of being apart, and my heart couldn't stand it any longer!  I asked him to pick me up from the airport, and he was more than willing to do so.  He was the first person I wanted to see as soon as I landed in San Diego.
Never in my life had I ever wanted to be on a plane as badly as I did!  My flight didn't leave until 6pm this past Sunday and I wanted the time to fly by quickly!  My 2 hour and 40 minute flight was cut down to 2 hours and 9 minutes. My heart skipped a beat!! I was restless on the plane! I was so nervous, too!  It had been a month since we last saw each other and all the butterflies had built up.... "Would he still think I was cute?" "Did I look different since he last saw me?"  "Out of sight, out of mind?"  I have no idea why I had such crazy thoughts, the anticipation had built up so much!
Ideally, as soon as I got off the plane, I wanted to duck into a restroom to refresh myself.  However, as soon as I started to walk away from the gate, as badly as I need to use the restroom, I just wanted to see him!  My backpack was bulky and heavy and my purse seemed to be about the same.  As I passed security, I saw him leaning against the wall, at the end of the hallway.  I couldn't stop the huge smile from stretching across my face!! I was ecstatic to see him!  He looked cuter than ever!  My heart wanted to burst! I walked faster towards him and then threw my arms around him and hugged him ever so tightly!! Everything felt the same....and my heart felt complete once again!  We went to get my suitcase, then headed back to the restroom.  He was the perfect gentleman and carried my backpack, suitcase and peacoat.  We went to get a bite to eat, since I only ate breakfast that day, and then he dropped me off at my place.
I never, ever, EVER want to spend that much time away from Levi, ever again.  It was hard and at times, it seriously sucked.  I was blessed to spend the next evening with him & my family as we walked around Christmas Circle in Chula Vista and then bowling.  I always have the best of times with him.
I love him dearly.  I'm so glad that I could spend the evening with him and my sister's family.  I'm especially glad that I could finally be open with my parents about our relationship.  My parents can be a lil overprotective/crazy and I needed to time it just right.  I'm so grateful that Levi was understanding through it all.  My Dad just wanted to know that Levi loved me and treated me right.  As far as that goes, my Dad has nothing to worry about....I'm the luckiest girl in the world. 

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