Sunday, December 16, 2012

As of late, in mid December...

*Mama McK is in town. Oh how I love this woman! I'm so excited to introduce her to my sweetheart!

*I need to finish my Christmas shopping this week. Man, oh man.... and then start my parents' Christmas shopping, too.  Oh man...

*I went to see The Hobbit yesterday.  Kinda interesting.  Something I wouldn't have seen on my own, but I'm glad I went to see it.  Kinda makes me want to watch Lord of the Ring now.

*My ward Christmas party was on Friday. It was nice to share it with Levi.  I'm thankful for this past year of being able to become better friends with those in my ward.  They are great people with kind hearts.  It was hard to see that at first, because I had (still have) such a great love for my friends back at CVYSA ward.  I'm grateful for the friends I have in PB!  I couldn't be happier!

*My heart hurts for those families affected by the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. How very sad and heart wrenching that they have lost a loved one, during this time of year.  What a selfish and evil act by this heartless individual!

*Today in church, a woman shared her experience as an occupational therapist for the military.  She shared the downside of her job, and all the horror stories she hears from soldiers who come back from war.  Tears flowed down her face as she expressed the hardship of hearing such terrible experiences.  It made my heart sad and grateful for those willing soldiers who leave the comfort of home, family & safety so that we can enjoy our freedom.  

*While singing in ward choir today, I became more grateful for my Savior, Jesus Christ.  Sometimes, I have to concentrate a lil harder on not crying while singing, because I just can't help but be touched by the lyrics.  
I have a great love for Jesus Christ.  I have come to know Him as my Savior and my dear friend.  When my grandmother passed away, while on my mission, and I was far from home, I didn't feel alone.  I knew that I had someone that knew exactly how I felt.  That was when I gained my testimony of the Atonement and Jesus Christ as my Savior. I'll always be grateful for that experience and the way I was able to grow at such a low moment in my life.  I'm truly thankful for this time of year that we, as a world, get to reflect on our Savior's birth.  Because He lived, we can all live again.  This I know to be true. 

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