Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Stockings!

I'm getting more and more excited for Christmas!! Today our Christmas stockings arrived!! Way stoked!
think they are just so dang cute! My Levi wanted stockings that had Mr. & Mrs. Claus, since his parents had them when he was growing up. In my family, we had the traditional red ones, with our names in glittery cursive. I've gotta say, I really like our new stockings! They're a lot cuter than I was expecting! 
Speaking of stockings, we bought stocking stuffers for my family & Levi's niece. However, we really didn't have any stockings to put all their goodies in! Whoopsy daisy!  I don't know what lead me to Google, this morning.....but this was the finished product tonight: 
It gave me a reason to pull out my Christmas present! My new sewing machine: 
(Not sure if I ever mentioned that? More on that later)
I seriously think those paper bag stockings are super cute, creative & earth friendly! There is something to be said about handmade gifts, at Christmas time. I just love it! I think there's a deeper meaning and more thoughtfulness! I'm grateful for my creative mom who taught me the wonderful talent of sewing! I'll never be able to adequately thank her for that. 
Hope everyone is enjoying this Christmas season!!

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