Thursday, December 12, 2013

Sick Thursday.

*Dude, so I've got a cold.  I can't stand it.  I think I rather have cramps instead.  I just wish more people were conscious of cleaning their hands more, while they're sick.  It would help lessen germs around the workplace.  Dangit!  

*So I had a Dim Sum party with Levi last night.  That man is so much fun!  We thought we'd have a lil mid-week fun over Dim Sum & a Duck Dynasty Christmas marathon....such a great pairing, if you ask me!!  

*Man, I really don't like being sick.  I feel like I should just have a scarlet letter "S" on my chest, so people should be nice & stay away.  Stupid cold.

*I'm so glad to be done Christmas shopping!  Now to tackle Christmas cards..... 

*I'm wearing my "coat coat" inside the office. Yeaaaah, that's what I call my pea coat, from my mission. I'm glad I can still fit in mission clothes. That makes me happy.  Damn, I really hate being sick.

*Tea & soup are my best friends, at work today.

*I'm a baby when I get sick. Seriously, I think I was spoiled growing up.  

*I haven't mentioned much about this past week, at work.  Lemme just say it's been PURE BLISS!!! Seriously, it's been lovely having PEACE and QUIET, here in the office!!! There's a zen feeling, of calmness and a more thought-provoking work feeling.  (Sorry if that doesn't make sense, dang stuffy head)  It's been nice having MotorMouth out on vacation, this week.  I think I've spent more time in the office this week, just cause it's quieter and it feels less chaotic! I. LOVE. IT.!!!

*I don't really have much more to say....   

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