Monday, December 16, 2013

These boots were made!

Dear Santa,
I want these.
It's not a need, but they sure do look pretty.

I ducked into Payless on Saturday, and came across these lil beauties.  I jokingly told Levi that I wanted to wear cowboy boots to an upcoming wedding we're to attend, since it sounded like there's a theme.  I didn't think I'd actually come across a pair of boots in my size!!! Seriously, I think they're cute! and oh so random for a Poly girl to wear! 
They remind me a lot of the boots I had as a lil girl.  I remember how much I loved those boots, I wore them all the time.  They were such a hassle to put on and most especially to take off!  I remember when I was in first grade, I'd come home and my Mom would have my brother Wayne pull them off my feet.  I'd have to lay down on the floor, and he'd have to tug at them for a while til they finally came off my feet.  I don't think I enjoyed that part so much, but I do recall wearing those boots ALL the time.  
It's funny the lil memories that come flooding back, just by a pair of shoes......or cowboy boots

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