Thursday, January 30, 2014


I'm not really one to bake.  It's not something I particularly enjoyed because I'd always burn myself. NO BUENO. For the last several years, I've taken a great liking to cooking.  I love cooking because you get instant results.  If something doesn't taste right, you can change it, right there and then. BAM! 
As of late, I've found some easy breezy recipes that I've enjoyed baking, like Lion House Banana Bread. I LOVE this banana bread! It's so dang delicious!!  And the chocolate chips make it SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much better!! 
Plus, it helps having someone who enjoys my baking.  During Christmastime, Levi and I were suppose to do some baking but just got so busy and wrapped up in the holidays.  We've got so many bags of chocolate chips & Butterscotch chips, and I feel like they're just begging to be used!  Last night, I had a couple of free hours, so I thought I'd bake some Butterscotch & Heath Bar Cookies! OH MAN!  So dang yummy!!! Seriously, I could probably go eat a few more, but my hips do not need that!  :)
I think what I enjoy the most about baking, as with cooking, is doing it for others to enjoy.  I'm so so so grateful that Levi enjoys my cooking & baking...that warms my heart to no end.  I look forward to cooking for our future family, someday.  
Ok I'm gettin' choked up..... Happy Thursday!

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