Friday, January 17, 2014

Again!! GRRR!!!

Today, I'm sick.

I feel like I was just saying this a couple weeks ago.  I shouldn't be saying this until later this year. 


I'm so mad, that i'm sick!!  Of ALL the weekends this should happen, why this one?!?!? UGH!!!!! Mad, I tell you, MAD!!!

So here I am, at work, trying to keep my germs to myself, because OBVIOUSLY someone here didn't do that and some of us are sick! That makes me mad, also!! GRRR!!! 

I'm drinking water like a drought is upon us and taking 10,000iu's of Vitamin D, every 3 hours, to try to knock this cold outta me.  I'm also taking DayQuil so it can help stop anymore symptoms from getting worse.  I wish I could go to sleep, I know that would help immensely!  7 more hours to go.....  Wish me luck. 

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