Sunday, January 26, 2014

January Weekends!

What a crazy, fun, exciting, adventurous month it's already been!

Levi and I went to Disneyland & California Adventure last weekend! SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!

Gotta love being a So.Cal resident and being to go to both parks for just $124! Loved it! I think the Matterhorn Bobsleds is my new favorite ride at Disneyland! Tons of fun!  I'd never been on it before and it was awesome!  I also went on Space Mountain for the first time and...well....that was quite the experience.  Not one I'm looking to relive anytime soon. Or ever.

Yesterday, we spent the day at Kobey's Swap Meet and La Jolla Coves.  Kobey's is always such a blast from the past, a glimpse back into my childhood Saturdays with my family.  We walked all around the Coves and even checked out Sunny Jim Cave.  It was a trippy view, but it was seriously a claustrophobic adventure going down those 145 steps.  Going down the steps wasn't nearly as bad as the climb back up.  Oh man....I seriously need to go to the gym. Badly.  We chilled around the Coves and just took in all the oceanic beauty.  It was gorgeous, breathtaking and simply wonderful.  The weather was just too wonderful to even think that it's "winter" here.  Love it!!
We headed over to Windansea and took a couple more photos.  It was a great spot to shoot photos at sunset.
I kinda wished I had my big camera, since there were so many great photo I thought we'd take some photos of each other....

I was lovin' the waves that crashed on the cliff behind us. 

However, if you start to notice a shadow of a wall of water, then you should probably move away--FAST!! {but if you don't, you end up with a great photo--see below}

Then this is what your next photo will look like...
Yep, I was drenched all down my backside, from head to toe!  My new Nikes were soaked!  I mean, I was rather lucky because if you go back and look "wall of water" photo, you'll noticed that there's a photographer back behind my right elbow.  Levi said that the photographer, along with all of his photo equipment, got wet! Oooh, not good.  
All in all, we've had some pretty fun weekends!  I love when we have our weekend adventures! Especially when it follows our Friday night date nights!  

As for next weekend, I look forward to hangin' out with my ol' childhood best friends! Until then, here's hopin' this next week becomes an answer to my prayers!

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