Sunday, April 13, 2014

Kalanster & the big 19!

Today, this baby boy.....
...who turned into this...
...and somehow quickly grew into this... turning 19 today!

It's been such a pleasure watching him grow up, for all of his life.  I still remember the night I walked into his Mom's hospital room, in the Spring of my high school freshman year.  It was a school night, so I was thinking we wouldn't really be there that long.  I just kept thinking of how foreign it was that a new baby boy was joining our family.  For so long, it had just be "the two boys", his older brothers....what would it now be like with THREE nephews??  Such an unfamiliar feeling that there was someone new in our family.  I remember holding him and thinking how happy we all were that this baby boy was finally here.  I still feel that way to this day.
He's definitely become one of my favorite people to hang out with.  I can say just about anything and he doesn't freak out nor do I ever feel judged.  There's many reasons why I love this kid.  I've been thinking about some of those reasons today.  He reminds me A LOT of my Dad.  They both have the same tenacious (read: stubborn) attitude.  It's not a bad thing...I'm quite similar to my Dad in that factor.  Perhaps that's why Kalanster and I get along so well.  He can be very thoughtful and I've truly cherished the way he's been such a terrific older brother to his sister.  He is a talented young man, especially when it comes to music.  
I've never worried about Kalanster because he has always found a way for his ideas to come to fruition.  Such a great quality to have in life.  Of all the birthday wishes I can hope for him, I hope all his musical dreams are achieved.  The sky is the limit for some, but for him, there's nothing that can stop that tenacious spirit of his. 
Happy Birthday Kalanster!  
I love you more than you'll ever realize.  Hope you enjoy your birthday weekend.
And in case you didn't know, I miss seeing you every day. I love you buddy.

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