Sunday, April 6, 2014 early April.

*As of late, my life is mostly work.  Do I like my job? Well, I like what I do and now I'm starting to train for covering reception.  Oh man, a lil daunting, but I think I can definitely hang.  It's a different phone set up and making sure we connect the caller to the right "account manager" or one of their team members, is still something I'm learning to do...especially since everyone goes by their initials.  Eh, it's part of the job so I'll do what I gotta do.

*I'm so glad I've made a friend at work, Tina is pretty chill and I'm glad that she gets my jokes.  It's just cool having someone understand how I feel about work, since we started within a week of each other.

*This past week, I was able to reconnect with some ol' friends.  I LOVE spending time with dear, old friends.
Tat, the the guy on the left, and I have been friends since single digit Primary days.  Dixie's in back and we've been friends since 2007, right around the same time I met Hermanita, on the right.  As each year passes, I'm ever so grateful to have the same group of close friends.  They're friends who accept me exactly how I am and know me so well, and vice versa.

*Levi and I went to see Captain America 2, today.  Oh maaaaaaaan, I totally dug it!  So dang good!! I liked it more than the first, since it had more fighting scenes.  I'm not gonna lie, Capt. America is easy on the eyes, but it's really Iron Man that wins me over EVERY TIME!  He has AWESOME toys and his intelligence is definitely something to admire....along with that cocky attitude.  But I don't need a superhero.... I already have my Mr. Amazing ♥

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