Thursday, June 5, 2014

What the funk?

*I've been having a funky stomach week.  No bueno. 

*We've been watching Parenthood on Netflix lately.  Totally dig this show! I always enjoy movies/shows that display different family dynamics.  There's something so interesting in seeing how families interact and deal with their own challenges and triumphs.

*Chuy was talking to us about Vans carrying some new Star Wars shoes.  I'm not the biggest fan of them, I barely started getting into it, but man oh man... I want these shoes! Oh how I love Vans slip-on shoes!
*The Del Mar Fair (aka: San Diego County Fair) starts this weekend! OH MAN, I'm pretty stoked! I think this is a really great way to start off the summer! I can't wait!! Plus, Levi just makes it a million times more fun! I'm glad he enjoys the Australian Battered Potatoes, but most especially that he's cool with me looking around at all the photo & art exhibits.
*Work has been pretty okay this week. I continue to be grateful for my team.  I enjoy working with Roxy, Chuy & Tina.  I'm so glad that Mamacita works there too! I just wish she was in my department, too.  Although, it's been pretty good this week, man oh man, I can't wait for the weekend!
*Other than that... I hope I kick this stomach funk because I've got a fair to go to this weekend!  Oh's Thursday and my sweetheart got me some Pizza-Hut tonight. Man I love when Thursdays include pizza.....that's the cherry on top of a Thursday!

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