Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Birthday Rendezvous

I've had the most lovely birthday week, EVER.!!!
It was just fantastically enjoyable!  I loved every single bit of it!!  
After my birthday dinner with Mr. Red & Hermanita, I had a little rendezvous at the beach, with Ely.  We hung out at the beach, walked the pier and talked til about 3:30am.  Yeah, I know that's late, but we had SO much to talk about.  I enjoyed EVERY single second of it.  He was FUNNY!! Oh man, it hurt my stomach to laugh!  I wanted to know him better, and felt the same about me too.  He was VERY reciprocal on all levels--something that had been lacking with TheBaker.  If I rubbed his hand, he'd curl his fingers around my hand.  As a very physically affectionate person, I greatly appreciate his reciprocation on that matter.  In fact, it was Ely that made the first move and was ever so sweet about it!  
We walked the beach the next 3 nights and talked to no end.  On Thursday, I had received some terrible news of a friend's baby and was so sad over it....as well as other stressful news about school.  I just wanted a really good guy hug....and he was there to provide it.  He just held me as a wave of emotion washed over me.  Have I mentioned that he's 6'1 and a pretty big guy, so I loved the way I felt small in his arms.  He didn't know what to say to console me,  but he didn't feel awkward around my tears.  
We went out Friday night and it was blissful wonderful!  He was the perfect gentleman! It's been a long time since a man opened ALL my doors.   He knows his role as a man and DOES IT!! After dinner down at the Coronado Ferry Landing, we walked on the boardwalk, then watched the fireworks from the Padres game.  So spectacular!  I have NEVER enjoyed the ferry landing as much as I did, that night. 
I really like him and he's SOOOOO cute!! Seriously, probably the cutest, most adorable guy I've ever been out with.  It's hard now, because I've got school I need to focus on and he's trying to find a job {he recently moved down from Nevada}, so our schedules are a lil packed.  Today, he asked if I'd like to go grocery shopping with him about 30 minutes away....so I went.  SO. MUCH. FUN.!!!  We had lunch first and then roamed the aisles of Target.  I just enjoy being with him because he's just so dang funny.  

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