Monday, September 3, 2012

Birthdays: The Good, The Bad & Everything in Between!

Today was a rather enjoyable Labor Day!  I went to the beach with my sister, Sim & niece.  We hung out with our family friends and it was just a great day!  The weather was pleasant and it was nice to get a tan.  I haven't been to the beach in a while, so it just lovely all around! 

So I'm gearing up for my birthday weekend!! I'm really really stoked!! I'm still hoping to go out with theBaker on Saturday, but we'll have to see since he has some sort of family reunion that weekend.  I'm kinda bummed.  I think I'm not gonna get my hopes up for going out with him.  I just can't, I don't want to be disappointed, especially when my birthday's involved.  

I've mentioned before that I've had not-so-great birthdays in the past...  Lemme elaborate.
*6th or 7th bday?: drew up invites, invited half of my first grade class, no one came :(
*8th bday: I was sick, sick like a dog and getting baptized a few days later.  Where I still had a cold.
*9th bday: Woke up the next morning with TONS of mosquito bites.  
*10th bday: Wanted to have a slumber party, invited all my friends and only two came over.  Bummer.
*13th bday: I was left at home with my grandfather, all day, where I got scolded pretty badly.  I was in tears til Liz came over and gave me the game of "Life", which we ended up playing for the rest of the night.
*15th bday: Got in an argument with my oldest brother, the night before my birthday, because he wanted me to go to sleep early for seminary.  The next morning on my way [on time!] to early morning seminary, the first thing my Mom said to me was, "I think you should apologize to your brother.  You shouldn't have talked back to him like that." She didn't wish my a happy birthday, and luckily, I went to Los Angeles that day for a field trip  When I got home, no one mentioned my birthday.  However, my older brother's birthday's the next day and that was well celebrated....
*16th bday: I was horribly sick and my saliva gland was infected, thus swelling up enormously.  I went to YW mutual that evening, and was well received by friends.  I didn't have to over up the huge bump I had on my face.
*18th bday: Went out with 3 close friends, two of them got in a huge fight and ruined the evening. 
*21st bday: 9/11/2001---Need I say more?
*22nd bday: My missionary trainer was in a horrible accident (she fell from an attic onto a garage floor--SCARY!!), I was emergency transfered to another area where I was the peace keeper amongst the two sisters I was with.  You could cut the tension with a knife!!  However, we had a member dinner where she fed us salmon (MY FAVORITE!!!), rice pilaf and grilled pine nuts!! YUM!!! But I had to put up with her huge, scary dogs :(
*26th bday: Had a blind sucked.  

However, my birthdays have gotten a million times better!!!  
20th bday: Went to Santa Monica & LA for Price is Right, with a group of friends.  One guy from our group ended up winning the showcase showdown! We all rushed the stage and were jumping all over the place, around Bob Barker! FUN!!
23rd bday: I was on my mission, with Ash, serving in Bordentown, NJ.  Somehow, that WHOLE day was about food!!!  It was like cramming 10 Thanksgiving dinners into one day! Since we weren't getting along all too well, my brother told me that I should "kill her with kindness" and take her out to lunch.  I woke up early, made a huge breakfast (my favorite meal!); pancakes, eggs & sausage, with orange juice.  We tracted for a while, then I took her to lunch to one of my favorite restaurants in the area, Mastoris.  Oh man, we were stuffed.  Then later in the afternoon, we had some Italian Gelatis.  Sister Lillie Nelson had us over for lasagna, where she served us HUGE portions.  Oh man, I was still stuffed from breakfast!  Since I loved her dearly, I ate my whole piece....and I think I even had a 2nd piece because she cut it before I could stop her! I'm glad I was wearing an elastic band skirt!  One of our investigators, Meredith, had us over for cake and ice cream.  And afterwards, we had a dessert appointment with Sister Donna Parke.  Oh man, we were in a FOOD COMA when we got back to the apartment.  Seriously, we were in pain.....that night....and the next day! But it definitely helped change the spirit of our companionship.  I couldn't have been more grateful.
25th bday: Made breakfast for my two roommates, Kelly & BA, after having a great day at church.  And we danced around the house to 50Cent's "In Da Club".  Later that evening, BA's parents had us over for a wonderful dinner and dessert.  We hung out downstairs playing pool, til we took home "BrighamTheBear" and then the fun started! Brigham's a GINORMOUS bear, that we put into my backseat, and had him "wave" to people as we drove home.  People actually waved back and even tried running after my car! Crazy fun!

29th bday: It was the year that people could get in free to Disneyland on their birthday.  I took advantage of it since I hadn't been there since I was about 11 yrs old.  Oh man, BEST way to spend a birthday.  I celebrated all weekend!  The day before my awesome co-worker totally decorated our office.  The next day, I worked at the temple and then went clubbing that night.  Yeah, pretty great.

30th bday: I LOVED the dress I made the night before!! It's one of my most favorite dresses, ever.  I felt so beautiful! I was surrounded by great friends eating the most delectable dessert known to man: The Viking!  

31st bday: This has got to be my MOST celebrated birthday!! I had a dessert date with Ras, then walked around Balboa Park.  Showered with such great love from so many AWESOME friends!! This one birthday alone made up for all the sucky birthdays growing up.  Seriously,  it was just perfect!! My dear friends, the Drapers, threw me a party and I just felt so loved.  I LOVED IT!!  PajamaPants & Mr. Red even came to church to support me as I sang a duet with Joz.  It was such a beautiful duet.  Seriously, BEST birthday to date. 

I LOOOOOOOOOOVE birthdays!! Not just my own, but others, too! I like making their day as special as possible.  Since I've had a bad string of birthdays, I try to make the day as GREAT as possible.  So let's see how this year turns out!  There is really only one thing I hope to get for my birthday, but like I already mentioned, I don't want to get my hopes up..

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