Saturday, July 20, 2013 2

So I never quite finished the rest of the story from Disneyland & California Adventure....

All of it was near perfection!! I mean, the only real hiccup was that dang Radiator Springs ride never working! GRRR!!!  But all of it, every minute of it was just pure happiness!  I loved every second of having fun with my sweetheart!
  • Mater's Junkyard Jamboree....BEST RIDE EVER!!!!
I loved Cars Land the most! Oh man, I seriously could have rode Junkyard Jamboree 10 more times....besides the 3-4 times that we already rode it! Seriously I LOVED it!!! It was just tons of fun!! I couldn't stop laughing, like belly aching laughing!!! I don't think I had ever laughed that hard!

We also loved Luigi's Flying Tires! In order to work the ride, they suggest that you "Lean Together."  I had a hard time that because I was taking photos and still laughing my head off!!  Poor Levi, he was so into it and there I was, like dead weight.....laughing hysterically!

I can't help it that I get as giddy as a 8 year old whenever I see Mickey....I mean, I want to nearly cry because I'm just that happy to see him  It's ridiculous........I'm ridiculous.
We ate at Carthay Circle, at California Adventure...oh man! DELICIOUS!!! Going to that restaurant was probably one of my top 3 favorite reasons to go back to California Adventure! 
The food was perfection!  The ambiance was exquisite! And I LOOOOOVED listening to instrumental versions of Disney songs. The restaurant just made me think that it would be exactly the type of place Walt Disney would have dined at. 

I just loved every moment with my Levi. I'm pretty sure I had a huge perma-grin the entire time!  Even if he didn't propose, I still had the time of my life....but his marriage proposal was the biggest cherry on top of the most perfect sundae.  Thank you Levi for such an AMAZING weekend, I'll always cherish it in my heart.

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