Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekend recap: 3...maybe 4 things.

*My niece, Novee, just started her first season of Softball.  Seriously, and this might sound a lil biased, but she's REALLY good!!! She hits exceptionally well, catches the ball 95% of the time and her throws are spot on!!  I'm glad that she's as enthused about it, as much as we all are! I can't wait til her next game because it's just so much fun to watch her play!!  Maybe I'm a lil too enthused about it, because I can already see her playing for the Womens  National Team in the 2024 Olympics.  Calm down,'s only her first season. 

*Man, I LOVE taking photos of and with this man....
 On Friday evening, we had dinner at Big Kahuna's in Imperial Beach.  This place is probably one of my top 5 favorite restaurants {the other 4 probably being pizza places}.  It has a good variety of burgers & Hawaiian plates.  LOVE IT!!!  Afterwards, we went to the drive in, which is always one of my favorite date spots!  I think they've upgraded the South Bay Drive-in because it's now digital and the quality is A LOT better than earlier this year.  We watched The Conjuring, which I actually liked, as far as suspenseful films go.  All in all, I had a great time with Levi on Friday & especially Sunday, he's the best part of my weekends! {Oh yeah, and thanks again for my laptop, Levi.  You're so good to me.}

*I’ve really started to enjoy my ward, lately.  I’m really grateful for the acquaintances who have become close friends…people I actually want to have a relationship with outside of church.  People that I like communicating with and who just “get me.”  It’s just such a nice feeling to have friendships grow.  I like that. A lot. 

*I like Maroon5, but man, their stuff lately has been OFF THE HOOK!!! I just want to listen to EVERYTHING they've put out lately!! Or at least in the last 3 years, since I've missed out on quite a bit of their music.  Man........ I LOVE IT!

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