Monday, July 1, 2013

My friend, Mr Red.

A couple months ago, Mr. Red and I had lunch in Coronado, during his last week in the military.  It was a very pleasant lunching experience and the food was quite enjoyable.  It was probably going to be the last time we'd see each other, before he left San Diego to go on a walkabout
So it's been a couple months since I've seen him and I think I waited to post this so I wouldn't be so emotional. I grew up with the luxury of never having to say good-bye to close friends.  I never moved, nor did my friends.  It was a beautiful comfort of life that I didn't fully appreciate until I became an adult.  Thankfully, the internet, skype and free long distance keeps those friendships alive. However, I still wish I could take all my dear loved ones and live on a island compound.  Creepy...but oh so convenient! :)
Mr. Red was one of my closest friends, for a season.  Never seeing my in-town best friend, meant having to confide life's curve balls in someone else....thank God for Mr. Red.  I truly have thanked my Heavenly Father for my very dear friend Mr. Red.  He's helped me have a bigger, brighter perspective to life, learning and religion.  He helped me ponder things a little deeper and expand my view of so many things.   
I miss my friend, A LOT.  I miss our walks around Imperial Beach.  I miss our talks about religion, books, movies, sex, tattoos, food, death, alcohol, family, meditation, friends....  I also miss just sitting in silence and pondering the ideas he'd throw at me.  All in all, I miss the comfort of having this friend, nearby.  Communication has been a lil limited since he left.  A couple weeks ago, I was so grateful to hear his voice as we talked about a lil dilemma I had. 
The best thing he brought to my life was to "let go".  With my over-worrying personality, it can get the best of me.  One night, after a family dinner and a spat with my oldest nephew, we walked & talked.  I needed to "let go", I couldn't control everything and that was consuming my mental & emotional state.  What it came down to, is that I had to remember that "Nothing's f*cked here."  I didn't need to stress and worry about every little thing, because 90% of the things we worry about won't happen.  That December night, on a neighborhood street corner, I needed to learn how to be "less involved."  I haven't perfected that yet, but I think it's definitely helped my blood pressure.  Life's a lot less stressful....I like it. 
Thankfully, as he's been on this walkabout, he's been keeping a blog.  I thoroughly enjoy reading it .  {I'd highly suggest you check it out!}  Who in the world walks city to city, with their dog, Odysseus, camping under the stars, meeting so many new & interesting people, making the most of life?
My friend, Pendleton.  

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