Friday, August 9, 2013

Week in review.

8/1 Thurs:  Went out to dinner with Levi & my folks.  It was a pleasant dinner and the lobster was DELISH! I don’t understand how some people don’t like seafood, not to mention lobster!  I love it!!  I don’t know if I could be friends with people that don’t like seafood.  That’s just odd to me.  It’s like not enjoying fresh air or something.  

8/2 Fri: SEA WORLD!!! SEA PANDAS!! {orca whales} I had a BLAST with Levi!  All of it was just SO. MUCH. FUN.!!! Plus it was tons of fun hangin’ outside, in gorgeous San Diego! Seriously, I love living here because it’s just so amazingly beautiful, all the time! People come here for their vacations and I’m so unbelievably LUCKY to live here!!! I LOVE it!!  We watched the Cirque de la Mer show and it was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!  It was like a circus, over the waters of Mission Bay!!!  As always, I totally enjoy the underwater tube of Shark Encounter!  Turtle Reef was a new experience, as well as the Sea Lion & Otter show.  
My fave has always been the Shamu show, which is kinda cooler at night…but it’s definitely changed a lot since I was a kid.  Trainers no longer enter the waters, for safety reasons, which is totally understandable.  I wanted to see more tricks, but it’s ok.  Levi knew Sea World like the back of his hand, and introduced me to the Shamu tank, down below.  I NEVER knew of such a thing and probably could have spent the entire night just watching the “Sea Pandas” swimming around!!! It was the COOLEST thing ever!!! I was like little kid, with my face pressed up against the plexiglass!!! They were just sleeping, but even just watching them bob up and down, and slightly flip over was so fascinating!!!!  Next time I go back, I’m probably gonna spend an hour or three just watching them!  Seriously.  
We watched the evening firework show from Shamu stadium {if you do that, watch ‘em from the left side of the stage--too many trees otherwise}.  The fireworks reminded us of our engagement night at Disneyland, following their evening fireworks show.  I got a lil emotional remembering that special night.  I asked Levi if there was going to be another sparkly ring following the fireworks…he laughed.  A LOT.  Can’t blame a girl for trying ;) 

8/3 Sat:  It was my niece Novee’s second softball game.  She scored the only point for the team……with a HOME RUN!!!!!!!  HOW FRIGGIN AWESOME IS SHE?!?!??!  I couldn’t have been more proud of my niece!!!!  She hit it all the way to the back fence and then ran like the wind!!!  I was too ecstatic while cheering to take any photos!!!  MVP right here, baby!! I hope she’s enjoying playing Softball because she’s pretty dang great! She hits VERY well, throws farther and more accurately than anyone else on the team and is fearless when catching the ball!  Hmm….MVP today, National Womens Softball team for the 2024 Olympics tomorrow?  Ok ok…..maybe that’s a lil far reaching, but I’m glad that she’s not only cute, kind, & funny, but that she’s athletic & fearless! Love this girl!  

8/4 Sun: I skipped church on Sunday. It was such a gorgeous day and I honestly didn’t want to find myself sitting through a lengthy Fast & Testimony meeting.  I have a very difficult time sitting through long road stories & people rambling on and on instead of bearing a testimony of the gospel.  Instead, I spent a very relaxing day with Levi and it couldn’t have been more perfect!  

8/5 Mon: Had dinner with Levi and it was SCRUMPTIOUS!!!  Prime rib, crab legs and yams are the way to my heart!! Divine!!  I just love spending time with my sweetheart, especially 5 days in a row!  

8/6 Tues:  I went to the (church) ward Softball game and took photos.  Riddle me this; why the heck do the men get to have both Basketball & Softball…and then women get NOTHING?!?!?  That really pisses me off.  Why can’t Softball be co-ed??? And then women get Volleyball??   ANYWAYS,  I got some great shots and kinda ran into an old friend from Institute classes that we had together about 2.5 years ago.  He got married about 2 years ago, but it was a lil awkward because I kept looking over at him and he seemed as though he didn’t even want to say hi, basically acting like we never knew each other.  I didn’t want to make it awkward, since he’s married, so I just gave up trying to say hi.  I sent him a friendly email, via Facebook, and he quickly responded saying that he wasn’t sure it was me and didn’t want to look like a stalker, staring across the field.  I figured it out; I probably look WAAAAAAY different now from when he knew me.  I met him right after I shaved my head, and Tuesday night I had long, braided hair and I was wearing my glasses.  It would have been cool to chat, but what a difference hair & glasses make! 

8/7 Wed: Man, I DO NOT enjoy Optometrist appointments, especially when I have to get my eyes dilated!  Luckily, Levi took me to my appointment so I wasn’t stranded.  I couldn’t be more grateful for him.  I wasn’t wearing my glasses, since I brought some sunglasses along with me….which basically meant I was blinded by the sun and just blind in general.   It gave me some perspective into my Dad’s sightless life, and the trust you need to have in those who guide you.  I’ll blog more about that later.  Costco, thank you for your SUPER NICE optometrist, Chicken Bakes & Churros!! 

8/8 Thurs:  Last night, my friend sent me a text: Hey, so what’s the plan for your birthday?  I still can’t believe that my birthday’s NEXT MONTH!! I have no idea why I get so excited for my birthday, maybe I really am a kid at heart?!  Dude, I’m gonna be 33.  Ugh…. I like 32, or any other smaller number.  I think I get ecstatic over the idea of celebrating a birthday; mine, yours, anyones…it’s someone’s special day, so I think it’s a big deal!  I think people need to feel important, special and all around loved on their birthday.  I’m not saying that because mine is coming up, but I always try to do something great for loved ones.  I guess after having so many terrible birthdays growing up, I never want someone’s special day to go un-specialized!  :)   Before my friend’s text, I had started to think of my list of Thank You cards that I like to give out on my birthday.  That has become one of my most favorite birthday traditions! I seriously love it so much!  I don’t think I’ve mentioned it before, on my blog.  A couple years ago,  I wanted to express my heartfelt appreciation to those who made my life so spectacular, so I wrote Thank You cards and hand delivered them out on my birthday.  It caught all my friends off guard because they weren’t expecting to receive something on someone else’s birthday.  I think that’s why I also like doing it, it’s such a surprise.  Plus, I think people need to hear a good word or two, especially one of appreciation.  

Yep, that’s been my week….. Here’s looking to a lovely weekend!  

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