Friday, September 20, 2013

Sept 2013, Week 3.

Week in review....

*My niece Novee had a choir concert on Monday.  Oh man, I was so stoked for her.  I think her lil 7th grate girls choir did pretty well for their first performance.  There were 4 choirs, and 3 of them sang Disney songs.  I will admit that since our engagement, I get chocked up whenever I hear Disney songs.  It brings me back to that most perfect June 2 weekend. 

*My cousin (actually, my cousin's son who's my age) came from Australia with his lady love.  I haven't seen my cousin Timothy since for about 26 years.   



I couldn't have been more grateful for Facebook, in which it's brought me closer to far away cousins...and even cousins I've yet to meet in real life.  We had a great time at Filippi's Pizza, since he wanted to try the pizza place I always visit and rave about.  His girlfriend was sweet and way funny.  It was a very enjoyable evening!  

*My very dear sweet adopted Mom came into town a day after my birthday, and we were finally able to meet up on Wednesday.  

I'm so truly grateful for this woman! For my birthday, she gave me a cute apron (which I love because it makes me think of her, while in the kitchen) and a box full of FHE ideas for my future family!  Mama McK is so superb and phenomenal!! I love her dearly.  We enjoyed a nice dinner at Phil's BBQ, but then talked out front on their uncomfortable benches for a while.  She gave me some great motherly advice and wisdom.  She fills my heart and life with such love and I hope that I can be a Mom like her, someday.  As much as I love her, thoughts of my own Mom came to mind Wednesday night.  I've been so blessed with such great mother figures in my life!

*Thursday & Friday.... work and work and work.... although, today my nephew Kalanster spent the day in the office with my sister and I.  Dude, I so love this kid!! He is hilarious as hell!  I just crack up the whole time... but man, it makes me miss his brothers.  I miss having all those boys under one roof, but I'm grateful for the time I get to spend with my youngest nephew and my niece.  They're growing up so quickly.

*As for this weekend.... Levi's moving (a couple miles away from his current address).  I'm way excited for him!  Aaaaaand that's about it.  That's life in this 3rd week of September.  

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