Thursday, September 12, 2013

Who cries over cake? This girl....

{typed on Sept.10}

This past weekend, I'm so grateful for my ever wonderful, perfectly extraordinary fiance!!  
He spoils me to no end and has already made my birthday AMAZINGLY AWESOME!!! We had a lovely dinner at Olive Garden, spent time together (which I crave!) and then he surprised me with my beloved Viking Cake from Extraordinary Desserts!!!!  
I cried.  
(Yeah yeah, who cries over cake?!?!)   I've been wanting it for the last 3 years, especially on my birthday and it's NEVER available.  When Levi surprised me by driving us over to the Balboa location, I didn't want to get my hopes up for the Viking.  I already started to think of the other desserts I would have to choose, instead.  As we walked up, he said that we could just walk in to pick it up. There was a long line, as usual... so I was confused and wasn't exactly sure what "it" was! Then it was confirmed, he ordered my Viking cake, a week before!!!!  
I was in shock!!!  
I started crying!! FINALLY after 3 years of disappointments, I was going to have the VIKING CAKE!!!!!  I cried because this is some damn good cake!

But most of all, I cried because I was so touched by the thought & effort that Levi put into remembering that this is my favorite cake. My constant disappointment was finally overshadowed by him ordering it a week in advance, ALL the trouble he had to go through to get my name on it (cause apparently they're not keen on that idea, and spelling out my name over the phone is NOT easy) and just how much it cost! All that combined, made me feel so tremendously special!! 
This man spoils me to no end!  As we drove home, I continued to tear up because I just couldn't believe how he planned this all out and surprised me!! I had no clue and I LOVE LOVE LOVE being surprised!!  All my birthday wishes of hoping to find someone to love and love me in return finally paid off..... he is definitely my wish come true! 


Nathan and Sarah said...

I love that he knows how much your birthday means to you too! He sounds like a keeper! Happy birthday!

Adriana said...

WOW I have two awesome friends.

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