Wednesday, September 4, 2013

sept. 4

what a dang day!

*switched purses yesterday, after work..and forgot to switch back.  so all the stuff I need isn't in my 'work' purse.  

*"work purse" looks funny.... I feel like a hooker.

*my nephew moves to Utah today.  gonna miss him.  i miss those days of old, when all my nephews lived under the same roof.  

*i cannot stand sunburns.  my chest & shoulders are so uncomfortable!

*one week til my birthday. i'm glad mama mck's coming the next day.  something exciting to look forward to. :)

*when i was leaving my house this morning, i knew i should have checked my purse for my eye drops. it's been a rather emotional morning, so my eyes are dried out from tearing up...a lot.

*the mexican food at work today is muy delicioso! 

*overheard at work, "you forgot your eyes at the gas pump?" oh the hilarity! just the laugh i needed today.

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