Friday, September 27, 2013

Tonight, You Belong To Me....

Have you seen this?!?!
(several I have)

I just love the story behind it and their chemistry for their lil song.  They're just so cute!  
His lil girl, Adelaide, couldn't fall asleep due to holiday fireworks going off (in Austria).  To help soothe her, they started to sing some songs together. 
It just touches my heart so much because it makes me think of what Levi's going to be like, as a father.  I already enjoy the way he interacts with his young niece.  He's just so sweet and tender.  Then again, when isn't he sweet and tender?   I think Levi's going to be such a terrific father, someday.  He has the warmest, sweetest, and most caring heart I know!
I'm so dang lucky.  

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