Friday, October 25, 2013

Happy Birthday Liz!

Today is my best friend, Liz'a birthday.  
I was so lucky and blessed to live across from her for 30 years of our lives.  
I miss it.  It was like my home away from home, but yet, I could still see my home.  I miss being able to kick it with her all the time, and borrow each others movies, or go to Wal Mart together all the time.  

However, I'm grateful that we've had such a bond that even though we may not have seen each other for weeks or months, our friendship picks up right where it left off.  
I'm glad that I'll get to spend tonight with her and our other kinda/sorta best friend, Eidde.  He moved in next door when we were 9 and he was 5.  We took him in because, well because he wouldn't go away.  He'd follow us every where! He was kinda fun at first, but we thought he was too much of a baby.  Things haven't really changed much.... he still follows us around, and he's still a spoiled brat, but we love him too.  He completes our circle of friendship.  
I loved my childhood! It was everything I could have dreamt of, and more!  I owe it all to Liz............and Eidde, I guess. :) 

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