Monday, October 28, 2013


I just about lost it today.

I seriously cannot stand my co-worker who talks over everyone and anyone! I think it is EXTREMELY rude!!  It's one of my biggest pet peeves!!! It's just so effin frustrating when you're trying to say something, and she'll just start talking over you like you weren't even saying anything at all!!  
Today I had it and I desperately wanted to say something to her but I didn't want to look like a douche in front of the general manager---who she also talks over!  GRRRR!!!!!!  I tried to get louder, but it just didn't matter, she continued talking louder and faster!  
I doubt that she's aware of this awful habit, but because of my position, I can't exactly say anything to her.  I just want to pour salt in my eyes than hear her voice for one more second today. 

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steph k said...

I HATE people like that! It's so frustrating! Something that I've started doing is SORT of treating a person who does that like a child. Just stop talking, stare at them (like you're listening I guess) and then when they stop, calmly say, "May I continue?"

It's rude to interrupt people and it's possible this person never learned that. OR they were neglected and not given enough attention as a child.

Anyway, try that. Even in front of the general manager! Just stay calm and let them know it's not ok in the most adult to child manner possible.

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