Monday, October 7, 2013


-Dude, today is a very rough morning. Dangit, I meant rough Monday!  I wanted to stay in bed for another 3 hours.  I went to bed early and everything, but man, I was NOT ready for today!

-The first email I read this morning, was a blog comment, from my brother.  It was straight outta left field.  I thought one of my cousins was tryin to play a trick on me or something.  It's really unexpected.  It's nice, just quite a surprise.

-I finally got around to deactivating my Facebook today.  I just got to the point that I was tired of all the same ol' posts from friends.  I'm tired of certain people on my friend's list.  It was more of a for the time being, it's deactivated.  Whether it's for 1 week, 1 month or 1 year, we'll see.  Besides, I have a phone, people can call or text if they REALLY want something.  

-I had a salad with my lunch today and man, it was oh so delicious!!  It was just a simple iceberg, cucumber & tomato salad, but it was just so GOOD!! Man, I need to start eating more salads if I'm this happy about fresh veggies.

-Dude, it's 4pm......this day is just flying by, considering I started this blog at 9:30ish AM!  Wowzers!

-And now it's 4:39pm........ok, I think that's all I have to blog about today.  Man, I'm so ready for bed. 

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