Friday, October 18, 2013

Cousin Lela & Fam!

I really like this picture of some of my Australian/New Zealand relatives.  My seester, nephew, niece and I were lucky to spend the day with them, at Disneyland. My cousin Lela is to my left, in the black & white, while her daughter Anna is on my right and her son Timothy is next to my seester, on the end.  
It's always been a lil confusing that Lela's my cousin because of the age gap but it was so nice spending time with her family.  She and I had the opportunity to talk about a lot of my Dad's relatives back in the south Pacific.  She pulled out her iPad and showed me pics of her siblings, my cousins.  Out of 12 of her siblings, I've only met 3 of them.  It's been so wonderful getting to know more about them and most especially learn a little more about my paternal grandfather, Simione.  He died in 1963 and I never met my grandma Salote who passed in 1997.  She told me that Simione wasn't very tall, but very patient, kind and gentle and had a head full of white hair.  As for grandma Salote, she had a very strong personality and if you didn't listen, you'd get in a lot of trouble.  Have I mentioned that I was named after her? :) She lived to be 104 years old and didn't need any glasses or aid for her old age.  Such a feisty woman and I look forward to meeting her, and grandpa Simione, someday.
It's been such a beautiful blessing to know more and more about my Dad's family.  I hope to meet more of them someday soon!

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