Wednesday, October 9, 2013


-Sometimes, my sarcasm doesn't have a place here in the office.  It's a little too "tongue-in-cheek", I guess.....  it makes me laugh anyways.

-I need to get some brick wallpaper to put up behind me, at my desk.  

-I think I should try working on my poker face, for work.  I think that even though I may not be verbally sarcastic--it comes out through  my face.  My boss kinda busted me on that, yesterday. It wasn't anything big, but he caught my face after something he said.  I just forget that what I'm thinking always comes out through my face.  I can't hide it---it's a blessing and a curse. 

My super cool Panda eye mask from Hermanita!
-I really miss Balboa Park.  I think I need to spend some time there.  It's one of many gems of beautiful San Diego.

-I kinda miss Facebook, but it was such a time waster.  I kinda miss seeing how far away friends are doing--but I'm pretty sure the same ol' stuff is being posted anyways.  I look forward to thinning out my Fb friends list, soon.

-I just went to buy some food for lunch/snack.... Naked Juice (Blue Machine), Blueberry Danish & Vanilla Oreos.  Yep, Shark Week is here. Dangit.

-I LOVE how my nephew & niece are SO into Halloween, this year! I think their holiday spirit is just so much fun!!

 -So far, this is how spirited I've been about the Halloween season:
I've NEVER had this cereal in all of my 33 years of life.  Oh man, I was missing out BIG TIME!!! I seriously LOVE this stuff!!!  Man, I was deprived as a child.....  I feel so much more American, now that I've finally had this cereal!! I promise to give my kids the option of this cereal, around Halloween!

-Ok, I gotta get back to work.... the managers meeting just let out. Peace!

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