Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The October 2, 2013 Blog

-I couldn't sleep last night with stuff on my mind.  3 hours should kinda be sufficient for today.  

-I think tomorrow's a very good day to buy myself pink roses. I always see them when I go to Costco, but I never buy them.  Tomorrow's the day.

-My cousin Lela, whom I haven't seen since I was 7, is coming from Australia with her daughter and grandsons.  They'll be meeting up with her son & his gf that were here a few weeks ago.  They'll all be going to Disneyland, and I'm looking forward seeing all of them!   I just wish the rest of Lela's sons were coming with her.  I haven't seen them since I was a teenager.  

-My niece is spending the day in the office, with my sister and I.  She's growing up so quickly!  She's already planning her 13th birthday party, that won't be here for another 6 months.  

-I don't really have much more to blog about.  I'm still thinking of deactivating my Facebook, this month.  I'm just tired of nosy "friends" who like to gossip and spread vicious stories.  It's even more annoying that some of these "friends" are those from my church congregation.  

-Since I signed up for my birthday certificate at Benihana, I've been receiving email notifications for all their specials.  It makes me want to go there, more and more and more!!!  All of their foods look so dang good!!!  It's been a while since I've been there, so I'm anxious to eat there again!! 

-Ok, so maybe the 3 hours of sleep aren't going to hold me over today.  I think I see a diet Coke in my near future, especially if I'm to go to dinner with a friend tonight. MUST. WAKE. UP.!!! 

-I'm kinda stoked that this month kick starts the holiday season.  I can't wait to break out our panda costumes again!! Seriously, my favorite Halloween costume EVER!!!  

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