Monday, March 31, 2014

To the rescue!

Today, I'm so thankful for my sweetheart.  I'm thankful that he's the kind, caring man that he is, that he wouldn't leave me stranded at work with a flat tire.  I told him that I would figure out a way to take care of my tire and get home.  Even though I would have found a friend to help me change my tire, he still came all the way to my work to help me out.  I'm grateful he came because after pulling everything out, I found out that my spare was a little flat. No bueno.  I wanted to try to change it myself, since my YSA bishop taught our Relief Society a couple years back.   Once Levi came, I broke the news to him that my spare was also flat and off we went to the gas station.  We came back and he changed it for me, then followed me home.  He was so calm and patient throughout it all, and especially as we drove 50 mph on the freeway.  

Every day I'm more grateful for him.  I always wanted to find a man that could do all the manly things that my Dad did.  For the last several years, I'd get so bummed/frustrated whenever I had a car problem.  Car problems are the bane of my existence.  Thankfully, I've had my sister but now that I live away from my family, I'm so truly grateful for this man of mine and his many, MANY talents.  My cup runneth o'er. <3 font="">

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