Sunday, March 16, 2014

Random + Character Reference + Life in March

*Tonight, one of my best friends asked me to write a character reference letter for their court appearance.  Of course this was easy to do, because I have nothing bad to say about this person.  It made me think of what would be said for me, if I was ever in need of such a reference letter.  I guess it's the same for what I hope is said in my obituary some day.... I hope it's filled with good and funny things. 

*My sister's birthday was this past Wednesday.  We chatted that day, but I wasn't able to call or visit her.  Perhaps I'll swing by tomorrow, since I'll be down in her neck o' woods for....

*My Dad's birthday is tomorrow...I guess technically today.  I can't believe how old he is.  Time flies by so quickly.  Sometimes I look at him and wish he were 50 years younger.  I often wonder what it would be like to have been friends with my parents, at my age.   Sometimes I miss his laugh and his funny jokes, especially his magic tricks.  I'm glad I get to see my Dad tomorrow.

*Work is going pretty well, at least I think so.   Sometimes it's very interesting reading through certain court documents, as I prepare case files.  So far, I like everyone I work with.  Everyone's so nice, welcoming and positive.  I would most certain enjoy working there for MANY years to come.  A chick was fired this last week, oh man, it made me remember when I was fired once.  Dude, once you're fired you NEVER want to relive that experience again.  I felt for her because it all happened in about 2 minutes!  I don't know what she did or didn't do, but damn it definitely lit a fire under my butt because for the rest of the afternoon I pumped out those case files like no one's business!

*Jackass 3D just came on tv (censored)....oh man, some of that junk makes me crack up!!  Duck Hunting--YES!!!

*Levi and I went to see 300: Rise of an Empire today.  Intense!! 

*Hermanita and I went to San Diego Home Cooking this past Thursday.  Oh man, SUPER FRIGGIN DELISH!! I was tellling Tat about it, and now we'll be going back on Tuesday with Brighty.  It's like a cross between Denny's and Marie Callender's.  Their buns are THE BEST!!*

*Ok, it's late and a big beautiful, luxurious bed is calling out for me! G'nite!

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