Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wednesday, March 19.

Today was just a crazy/off day. 

Maybe it's because I almost got into a car accident, on the way to work.

Or because I've been a lil more stressed at work since that chick got canned.  

Whatever the reason, I just wanted to get home to Levi and eat the dinner he so kindly prepared.

When I got off of work, this is what faced me:

I was NOT looking forward to the drive home.  Especially when it should only take me 13 minutes to get there.  But when I finally arrived home 45 minutes later, this is what came in the mail for me:

I was WAY stoked to get mail! Good mail!  It was a package from my friend's wife, who sent me essential oil samples of Wild Orange & Lavender.  Seriously, so kind of her!  So here I am, with a dab of lavender behind my ears and on the bottom of my feet.  I already feel so relaxed and a little less stressed.  I couldn't be more grateful.  I think I better get to sleep and let this lavender oil really do its job.  G'nite!

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