Saturday, March 1, 2014

Good Friday!

This morning, as I approached the elevators, one of the elevator doors opened up before I had to push the button.  I've noticed this every morning for the past week.  I love that! I like how the building attendants greet me in the morning and then call the elevators before I even reach them.  It made me smile as I rode up to the 9th floor.  Then I was greeted with a hearty "Mornin!" by Will, one of our front receptionists.  It made me happy, especially since it was Friday!
During my morning break, I went outside for some fresh air.  On the way back in, I waited for the elevators with another woman.  She mumbled something about being sorry about her squeaky wet shoes, from the rain outside.  We both walked into the same elevator, then I looked up and realized that it was an old co-worker.  It made me so happy to see a familiar face!  I really enjoyed working at that old job, so many great times with such fun people!
As much as I really enjoy my job, I just wish I had a familiar face or a good acquaintance there.  It gets a little lonely being the new girl.  Almost every day for the last 3.5 weeks, I'd eat my lunch outside and then call Levi.  At my last few jobs, I always knew a person or two beforehand, so I already had a friend to begin with.  For lunch, I went over to WhichWich and came across the new temp in the office.  As I left the office earlier, I wanted to ask if she was going to WhichWich again since I had seen her frequent the eatery for the last week.  When I picked up my lunch from the counter, I saw her and I stopped by her table.  I ended up joining her, we talked while we ate and had some good laughs.  Ahh....I was making a friend at work.  It was just nice to be able to get to know someone who was new to the office as well, someone I could relate to.  It was very pleasant. 
I loved the surprise that awaited me at home.  It was unlike any welcome home I ever had.  Oh how I love my Levi.  Plus an Italian dinner....mmm mmm lasagna!  I also got to talk to my nephew Bub tonight.  Man how I love that kid.  I just love my nephews so much because they're like younger brothers and good friends, wrapped up in one.  It was a good talk full of laughter.  I love laughing with that guy!  I miss him so much.  Oh how I wish I could have my nephews and niece all under one roof again.  
I'm so grateful for the big and small blessings of today.  I'm grateful for safety of traveling to and from work in the crazy rain today.  I'm so thankful for the job I have, it's just so great. I'm thankful for the good news my best friend received in regards to her unborn baby boy.  I wanted to cry with such happy grateful tears.  
Good Friday? Yes indeed!
A lil gem I spotted at the stoplight, on the way home tonight.  Not everyday I see my name on a license plate. 

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