Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Birthday America!

Dude, I love this day!! This is one of my most favorite holidays.  I love everything it stands for and the opportunity it gives Americans to be a little more patriotic today.  How can this song not get you to hold your head up a little higher and be proud to be an American?! I love it!

Now if only I could find this lil gem, it would make the day so much better!
Don't assume that I'd only wear them today... I've been searching for these for the last 2 years! I would proudly wear them ALL. THE. TIME.!! I love them!
Anywhoooo... I need to start packing up my stuff and get going to the beach, I've got a tan awaiting me, family to see and BBQ'd corn on the cob waiting to be eatten! LOVE IT!


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