Friday, July 18, 2014

Late Thursday.

*I'm so truly grateful for the kind friends and loved ones who have encircled me with an abundance of love and understanding, this week.  Man, I feel like a million bucks! My loved ones are the greatest and in turn it makes me want to be a better friend & kinder person to everyone.

*This week has been such a doozy.  I can't wait for this weekend! My 2 oldest nephews will be visiting! It's been so long!! All my nephews and niece, in one place.  This makes my heart happy

*I don't have a lot to blog about, tonight.  

*I'm excited to celebrate Hermanita's birthday tomorrow.  Man, I'm constantly reminded of the wonderful souls I have in my life that truly bless my life in more ways than one.  

*THREE of my friends had babies this week!  WOW!! Crazy exciting! I love them all and wish I could visit all of them and snuggle their babies.

*I had a dream of Tina, Chuy & Chuy's nephew, last night.  It was weird to dream about a baby.  When I told Tina & Chuy my dream, they both said I was next to have a baby.  Uh....we'll see about that.  Oh how I love sleep so much!

*Speakin of which... I better hit the hay!  Peace out!

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