Monday, July 28, 2014

The Nephews & Niece.

What a great week it's been.  I mentioned in an earlier post that my two oldest nephews came down to visit.  Man oh man, I LOVED having them all in one place.  The awesome part is that in a week I'll get to see all of them all over again!!
I love them, I love them oh so much!  Sometimes my heart can't take it that they've all grown up so fast!!  They are some of my most favorite people on earth!  Heaven knows how much I enjoy being around them.  I know we've certainly grown closer together in the last few years.  I wish I could have them all under the same roof again.
I love the way we can joke around, tease each other to no end and laugh about so many funny family memories. I'm so grateful to know that I will have them for an eternity.  I just hope we get a deck of cards & Monopoly to enjoy for the rest of time.

Dear 2 Boys & 2 Kids,
Stop growing up.
Your dear ol' aunt.

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