Monday, July 28, 2014

The 1:16am Post

Technically, it's Monday morning...
Since I haven't fallen asleep, it's still Sunday, to me.

In a week's time, I will be a married lady!
Dude, I can't even wrap my head around it!

At times, I trip out. I will have a HUSBAND!!
I think I'm tripping out riiiiight now.

I wrote my vows last night.  Kinda surreal.  We read each other's vows today.  His vows were so sweet and tender (like him)., well, didn't quite sound like vows.  How in the world do you express your innermost feelings without sounding like a goon?!  In regards to my vows, my biggest accomplishment will be me being able to get through them without sobbing and getting choked up.  

In a week's time I will be surrounded by my most treasured loved ones.  I'm so happy for those we were able to invite.  I know not everyone we invited will be there, but it's totally understandable and we hold no ill will at all.  We're so blessed by the warm thoughts that have been sent our way.  We're so lucky!

I spoke to my childhood best friend tonight.  It's been a while since Liz & I spoke.  Sometimes life gets too busy.  I hate the distance that can happen in friendships.  I know I haven't focused on a lot of the friendships that I should, in which I feel terrible.  Anywhoo...back to Liz.  Man, I'm so thankful for those friends of mine that have been around since forever.  Friends who know me.  Those are the best types of friends.

Back to wedding freak-out stuff.  So I bought some Spanx.  Uh... I'm not super excited to be wearing it for the wedding.  Dang my stupid gym membership that I got like 3 months ago and didn't quite use.  Ugh....  Spanx, my last resort.

Oh yeah, we went by my parents' place yesterday.  We brought donuts to smooth things over and walked in to find that my Mom made teriyaki beef ribs, sausage, corn and beans. SOOOOOOOO DELISH!! Especially since we were starving....which is why we went overboard in buying a dozen donuts.  Anyways, it was such good familiar family comfort food.  I loved it.  I think I felt much like the Prodigal Son.  Since my last phone call with her ended so poorly, it was nice to be well received and smooth things over before the wedding.  As always, it was nice to see my Dad.  He looked 10x better than when we last saw him, on Father's Day.  I'm glad I'll be so blessed to see my parents, sister & kids in a week's time.  SO SOOOOOOO lucky to have all of them, in one place.

Man....what else.....  I need to start thinking about what to set aside and pack for our trip.  I'm the worst packer in the world, but I have to have everything packed a couple days prior.  Good luck to me.

Ok, I need to get some sleep.... I already know that this week is going to fly by!

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