Thursday, September 4, 2014

The 1am Post

•Season 5 of Parenthood finally hit Netflix!! I couldn't be happier!! I watched 6 episodes tonight. 

•Work has been so hard lately. Tina, Chuy & I just wanna scream and/or cry sometimes. Today, we received word that Roxy won't be coming back; she resigned. Work just got 10x harder!! I wish her the very best. 

•My birthday's in a week! I'm so stoked!! 

•As I was walking out of work today, the lady ahead of me looked like a walking zombie. I quickly realized that I was walking in a similar fashion.  I feel so drained. The last 3 weeks have been so extremely draining.  I feel like a shell of a person by the time I leave work. Today I almost wanted to cry. It's just such a tremendous work load right now. I would have drowned a long time ago without Tina & Chuy.

•Tonight, I just needed some down time to unwind.  I just wanted to do my own thing and veg out to Parenthood.  I'm so thankful for this past 3 day weekend, it came just in time.

•Time flies by, these days. Today it's been one month since Levi & I got married.  Everyday I learn something new and love him 1000x more than the day before.  

•Man I need to go to sleep! T-minus 5 hours til our alarm goes off. G'nite!

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