Monday, September 1, 2014

Faux Specs

My contacts are constantly getting dried out by fans, AC & the wind (whole driving). I probably go thru 2 bottles of rewetting drops a month! Ridiculous!!! 
Tonight, I found the best thing ever!!
Some new faux specs!!! Oh I love them so much!! It's made quite a difference already!! I love the fact that they're exactly like my sunglasses!! So awesome!
NO, I'm not trying to be a hipster, in any way, shape or form! They were $5 at Neighborhood Market, and I love the frame AND they were clear just like I need them--PERFECTION!! Perhaps I also miss wearing glasses....but I'll take contacts over glasses any day!  Then again, I'd take perfect 20/20 vision over contacts!! Ahhh, I wish! :)

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