Saturday, February 20, 2016

My piano & "bench".

I love having a piano at home again. Sure, it's not an upright like my last one, but it totally serves its purpose. This was the kindest gift my cousin Fray could have given me; my Aunty Keala's piano. 
It makes me think that she used to practice on it before playing the organ at church, just like we both used to do for our own individual wards that shared the same chapel. I like practicing on it. It's such a nice way to unwind I the evenings, after work. 
My favorite part about it is the "piano bench". If you look close enough you'll see the corner of our marble coffee table. Since our living room is a bit small, it would be hard to pull over one of our kitchen chairs. So we both decided that we could push the coffee table up to the piano and I'd sit on that.
As funny as it sounds (and probably as you are picturing), it actually works out perfectly! I am not worried about this coffee table, at all. This thing was made to be sat upon. The marble top and legs are so thick, that there is no way this table is gonna crack or break! I love it. I seriously love the hilarity of the situation. This is just one of those things that I know Levi and I will look back on and laugh. One of those memories that we'll share with our children & grandchildren, someday.

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