Sunday, February 21, 2016

"Urgent Care"


I've been down and out for the last 2.5 days.  This is the worst cold/sickness that I've ever had.  Seriously, I feel like all my body wants to do is cough and cough and cough.  I can't even take a deep breath without any type of irritation in my throat, which just leads to more coughing.  I HATE IT. 
I tried to go to Urgent Care today but they wouldn't see me without permission from my doctor....who of course is not in his office on a Sunday. FML. I'm so mad.  Urgent Care said that I could try seeing them without my insurance but fees start at $125.  It makes me mad because why pay for insurance when it doesn't come in handy in the moment you need it?!?!?  So friggin' mad.  My chest feels heavy and I just want to cough everything out of passageways.  I just HOPE Levi doesn't catch whatever funk it is that I have.  Plus, I'm so fatigued.  I get winded just walking around our apartment.  How the hell am I suppose to try to go to work tomorrow?!? UGH...I HATE getting sick.  Why can't people stay home from work when they're sick?!?
**TIP OF THE DAY: Please use your own sick time so others don't have to.**

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