Monday, February 22, 2016

The Cube Life x 2!

Out of respect for my cube mate, who also went up for the same job position, I've been trying to curb my enthusiasm for my new position.  Whenever anyone's come by to talk to me about it, they usually ask if I'm excited for my new job.  The last thing I want to do to my cube mate is rub her face in it, so I really downplay my emotions about it.  But honestly...I'm pretty friggin' ecstatic!  The last lady who had the position raved about how awesome it was to work in that department.  Nan used to be on my current team, but left to fill the position back in October.  She recently got a new job at a different firm, so it opened the Money Judgment Processor position.  
I can't believe I showed up to the interview wearing dark blue jeans and my new bear shoes....but I did!  I LOVED the way I had the two interviewers laughing!  Seriously, there was a lot of awesome vibes and good laughter!  One of my favorite questions was, "As a manager, it's important to hire someone who gets along with the team, but also gets their work done.  Which would be more important to hire; a hard worker who may or may not get along with the team or someone that has a great personality that gets along with everyone but doesn't quite get the work done?"  To which I said, "Well, lucky for you two, I'm both!"  Seriously, I felt like it was such a ballsy answer, but they loved it and laughed so hard and said, "I like that answer!!".  It was awesome!  I felt terrific about the interview!
When my cube mate got back from the interview, I'm not gonna lie, I was a lil worried. We were cordial towards each other and even had dinner w/ a couple others that evening. 
When I found out I got the job, I only told one other person at work. I didn't want my cube mate to find out from someone in the office, other than HR.  
A couple days ago, I found out from a team member, that my cube mate seriously thought she aced the interview and that the job was definitely hers.  She had no doubt that she clinched the new position!  From what I was told, she was sure that with her background there was no way the job would go to me.  It was a little enlightening to hear this.  Honestly, I would have been happy either way.  Just hearing all of this made me think one thing; don't ever count me out.  
With that said, I'm so stoked to be moving to this way awesome department.  Everyone I've talked to has only said the nicest and most exciting things about this department.  Nan told me that they have food in the kitchen, a lot!  It seems like every Friday, someone is buying food for the department.  I'm a fan of free lunches!  It helps that 95% of the attorneys for the firm are in this department.  Plus, Nan told me that my new manager is way awesome and super nice! I'm way stoked!  I'm also looking forward to decorating my new & bigger cubicle. 

I can't wait! Maybe I want to buy more plants?  I don't know....but I can't wait to find out how this will all turn out!  

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