Monday, February 22, 2016

Things that bug me the waiting room.

*When this guy thinks the "if you're coughing, please use a mask" sign doesn't apply to him...and he's coughing all over the place. (That's the 3rd chair he sat on)

*Why can't medical waiting rooms ever have something educational or beneficial on their televisions? Please no talk shows or soap operas. I'm here to feel better, it wouldn't hurt to feel mentally better, too.

*When you're under the weather, but your body wants the air conditioner on, while you want to wear a sweater.

*Wanting to sleep but your lungs want to cough and cough and cough.

* Feeling like you're only getting about 10% of air through this face mask. Yet it also somehow serves as a sauna for your lower face.

*Funny how me and the kid across from me, who's also wearing a mask, hasn't coughed. But those not wearing a mask are coughing, quite a bit. 

* I'm done....and still waiting to be seen.

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